Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!

The darkling plain is here. This is the waste land: England, America, Russia, China, Israel, France....

And we are here as victims, or as spectators, or as perpetrators of tortures, massacres, poisonings, manipulations, despoliations.

Hic Rhodus!

This is the place to jump, the place to dance! This is the wilderness! Was there ever any other? This is savagery! Do you call it freedom? This is barbarism! The struggle for survival is right here. Haven't we always known it? Isn't this a public secret? Hasn't it always been the big public secret?

How Civilisation encroached on free peoples!

On every continent scribes, traders, & kings, promoted division of labour, professional armies, social discipline, nationalist, ethnic, & class, fervour.

Hic salta!

Men who were much but had little now have much but are little. But we don't have to be little. Capital is not a natural force. It is a set of activities performed by people every day.

So let's stop being so little. Then anything can happen. Men who were little can be much again!


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